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River Water and Pond Purification System

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River Water and Pond Purification System

Rivers and ponds are considered as one of the many water bodies in this world. It is not only a home to many different kinds of animals and plants, it is also a vital source to all life on earth. In short, water needs to be protected from any form of pollution or contamination that would affect the daily lives or even the operations of any productions.

It is because of this simple basic importance, the Company has never stopped emphasizing on how to protect the water bodies. There are no doubt many methods that could be adopted to protect the water bodies but here are some of the innovative technologies that the Company has adopted for different applications.


River purification projects


Pond purificationprojects

River Water and Pond Purification System

River and pond water purification systems are specially custom designed to meet different requirements and challenges of site conditions and client’s needs. For more details, please inquire further :

River/Sullage Water Treatment Plant

Solar Aerator System

Floating Wetland System



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