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Renewable Energy System

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Renewable Energy System

As the world is looking forward towards protection of environment by reduction of fossil fuel especially in the power generation sector, renewable energy technologies or more specifically known as Waste-to-Energy (W-t-E) technologies in this environmental field should be one the important solutions to be emphasized. 

W-t-E technologies comes in all kinds of designs and sizes but they are meant not only to produce energy but also to ensure wastes are properly treated and reduced.

With the experience in designing and manufacturing of incinerators, the Company has successfully developed different W-t-E technologies to cater for different applications.


Renewable energy projects

Renewable Energy System

Here are some different renewable energy systems that are designed with different outcomes and capacities. For other types of renewable energy systems or for more information, please inquire further :

Pyrolysis / Carbonization System  

Gasification System  

Anaerobic Digestion System 


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