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Moulded FRP Panel Tanks

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Moulded FRP Panel Tanks

Being a designer and technology provider in the wastewater field for many years, clients have been looking out for better innovations that would have better benefits for them in long run. To help client to reduce the construction time, reduce footprint, have better durability product or even for better aesthetic reasons, the Group has put together different kinds of tank materials that is suitable not only for the wastewater treatment but also for water storage and other purposes.

These tanks are lightweight, portable, durable, easy to install, dismantleand maintain.


Wastewater Projects


Water Storage Projects


Aquaculture Projects

Moulded FRP Panel Tanks
Moulded FRP Panel Tanks for different applications. Contact us to find out more about the tanks.

Packaged WWTP

Water Storage Tank

Aquaculture Tank


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