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Industrial Wastewater & Sewage Treatment Plants

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Industrial Wastewater & Sewage Treatment Plants

Till to date, over 500 projects from all over the nations have been successfully completed to treat and recycle domestic and industrial wastewater to meet the local and international discharge standards.

For domestic wastewater, the Company is able to provide overall sewerage planning as well as sewage treatment plants and water recycling management for small housing schemes to large centralized systems. We have the expertise to design all types of systems to suit the land and other customer’s requirements.

With our strength in planning advisory and project implementation, the Company also assisted international Industrial Parks (such as Vietnam-Singapore Industrial Park, Mingaladon Industrial Park and Noi Bai Industrial Zone) and various industries to meet the required standards. The types of industries that was covered include paper, textiles, food and beverage, oil and gas, pharmaceutical and many others.


Domestic Wastewater Plants


Industrial Wastewater Plants

>1.1 mil

Total wastewater treated (m3/day)

Waste Water Treatment

The followings are some of the common equipment for the various treatment processes adopted in wastewater treatment plants. For more details, please inquire further:

Pretreatment Process  

Coarse and Fine Screens

Grit Separator

Scum Skimmer

Raw Sewage Pump

Grit Separator

Scum Skimmer

Primary Treatment Process  

Dissolved Air Floatation (DAF)



Secondary Treatment Process  

Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR)

Extended Aeration (EA)

Activated Sludge (AS)

High Rate Trickling Filter (HRTF)

Anaerobic Digestion (STP)

Sequential Batch Reactor (SBR)

Sludge Treatment Process  

Belt Press

Screw Press


Filter Press

Filtration Process  

Micro Filtration

Ultra Filtration (UF)

Reverse Osmosis (RO)



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