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Air Pollution Control System

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Air Pollution Control System

Many of the solid waste projects has naturally lead the Group to venture into air pollution control system. With its strength in dealing with water treatment, the Group has self-innovated its own Wet Scrubber Systems such as Blower Scrubber System and PE-Scrub System which is suitable for removal of particulate and acidic gases.

As the market demands for alternative solutions in the air treatment, the Group has collaborated with other manufacturers in bringing the right and suitable technologies to meet the client’s and the stringent emission requirements.


Wet process projects


Dry process projects


Thermal oxidation process projects

Air Pollution Control System

Here are some different air pollution control systems that are commonly used in our projects. For other types of systems or for more information, please inquire further :

Wet Scrubber System  

Dry Scrubber System  

Cyclone System  

Afterburner System  


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