Track Record

Since establishment, PEMSB has a long and proven track record in successful completion of projects for both Government and private sectors, local and internation market.

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Sewage Treatment Plant P.E. Bio-Filter Sewage Treatment Plant
  Trickling Filter Solid Contact Sewage Treatment Plant 
  P.E. Extended Aeration Sewage Treatment Plant
  Sequential Batch Reactor Sewage Treatment Plant
  Septic Tank (Using  Biobola) Sewage Treatment Plant
  Intermediate Pumping Station
  IMHOFF (Using Biobola) Sewage Treatment Plant
  Operation & Maintenance Works
  Upgrading Existing Oxidation Pond Sewage Treatment Plant
Overseas Sewage and Wastewater  
Stormwater/River Purification  
Solid Waste Incinerator
  Incinerator (Overseas)
  Pe*rk Dryer
  HiWave Compo
Air Pollution Control  
Microwave Technology  
Various System  



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