POME Treatment System

POME’TRITTM is a complete solution specially designed for treatment of palm oil mill effluent (POME) with the integration of biological and tertiary polishing treatment systems.

The biological treatment process which adopts an unique Anaerobic Digestion (AD) process can be design either on any existing lagoons or new tanks and both designs are capable of achieving not less than 90% efficiency to reduce the pollutant level as well as maximizing the biogas generation.

As for the tertiary polishing system, it consists of a special 2-stage High Rate Trickling FIlter (HRTF) system, sand filter system and submerged bio-filter system. The HRTF media is made of corrugated PVC sheets with large surface area for bacteria to grow in large population within the media to ensure a higher efficiency in reduction of pollutant level.

This tertiary polishing system is capable of taking influent with BOD and TSS level as high as 2,500ppm and 5,000ppm respectively and as confident as we have always been, this POME’TRITTM system will guarantee a consistent Standard A discharge standard.







2. Biogas System



3. High Rate Trickling Filter



4. Jar Test 


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