Overseas Sewage and Wastewater




Project City, Country Capacity System Type of Wastewater
Mitsui Construction Company - Mingalardun Industrial Park Yangon, Myanmar 5,175 m3/day EAAS Combined Effluent
Mitsui Construction Company - Noi Bai Industrial Park Yangon, Myanmar 500 P.E. BF Combined Effluent
Authentic Construction Co. Ltd Yangon, Myanmar 50 m3/hr DAF + AS Textile
Authentic Construction Co. Ltd Yangon, Myanmar 183 m3/hr DAF + AS Textile
Equatorial Hotel Yangon, Myanmar 1,500 P.E. AS Sewage
J.V. Co. Ltd - Vietnam Singapore Industrial Park Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam 6,000 m3/day TFSC Combined Effluent
Standard Group International Trading Services Ltd Gazipur, Bangladsh 2,400 m3/day DAFAS Textile
Dacca Dyeing & Manufacturing Co. Ltd Dhaka, Bangladesh 4,320 m3/day DAFAS Textile
North South University Dhaka, Bangladesh 2,400 m3/day EA Sewage
Masuma Khatum Textile Industries Ltd Gazipur, Bangladsh 100 m3/hr DAF + SBR Textile
Norban Comtex Ltd Dhaka, Bangladesh 65 m3/hr DAF + AS Textile
Jamuna Future Park Dhaka, Bangladesh 2,000 P.E. STP Sewage
Shah Amanat Knitting & Dyeing Industries Ltd Dhaka, Bangladesh 50 m3/hr DAF + AS Textile
Amex Knitting & Dyeing Industries Ltd Dhaka, Bangladesh 1,200 m3/day DAF + AS Textile
MAA Composite Ltd Dhaka, Bangladesh 360 m3/day EA Textile
BASF (Pakistan) Ltd Karachi, Pakistan 600 m3/day EA Pharmaceutical
Century Paper Board Mill Ltd Karachi, Pakistan 1,000 m3/hr DAF Paper & Board
Wyeth Pakistan Ltd Karachi, Pakistan 160 m3/day EQ Pharmaceutical
Knoll Pharma Ltd Karachi, Pakistan 4,850 m3/day EA Pharmaceutical
Karachi Golf Club Karachi, Pakistan 1 MGD AP Sewage
MAPAK Edible Oil Pvt. Ltd Karachi, Pakistan 144 m3/day DAF Oil Refinery
Shell Pakistan Ltd Karachi, Pakistan 15 m3/day DAF Oil Refinery
Nishat Chunian Pvt. Ltd Raiwind, Pakistan 150 m3/day DAF Textile
Klash Textile Pvt. Ltd Faisalabad, Pakistan 45 m3/day DAF Textile
Amtex Pvt. Ltd Faisalabad, Pakistan 8,320 m3/day EA Textile
Mangla View Resort Pvt Ltd Mangla, Pakistan

800 P.E.

700 P.E.

240 P.E.

60 P.E.

EA Sewage
Qasim International Container Terminal Karachi, Pakistan 70 m3/day EQ Combined Effluent
DHA Islamabad (Phase II) Islamabad, Pakistan

95,000 P.E.

6,300 P.E.


HiWave Compo

Pepsi Cola International Pvt Ltd NWFP, Pakistan 100 m3/day BF + AS Food & Beverages
Habib Rafiq Pvt. Ltd - Balloki Power Station Kasur, Pakistan 88 P.E. BF Sewage
National Construction Ltd Quetta, Pakistan

8,352 m3/day

11,000 m3/day

32,000 m3/day

BF Sewage
Engro Chemical Pakistan Ltd Daharki, Pakistan 2,880 m3/day SBR Sewage
Abbot Laboratories Karachi, Pakistan 1,920 m3/day SBR Pharmaceutical
Rajby Industries Karachi, Pakistan 1,350 m3/day DAF + AS Textile
Al Jawalhir Technical - Sheikh Al-Khalifa Hospital Rawalakot, Pakistan 800 P.E. SBR Sewage
Al Jawalhir Technical - Sheikh Al-Khalifa Hospital Muzafaraba, Pakistan 800 P.E. SBR Sewage
Habib Rafiq Pvt. Ltd - Muridke Power Station Lahore, Pakistan 88 P.E. BF Sewage
Cadbury Pakistan Ltd Karachi, Pakistan 70 m3/day DAF + TFAS Food & Beverages
Leatherfield Private Ltd Sialkot, Pakistan 5,000 m3/day DAF Tannery
Bahria Town Pvt. Ltd Islamabad, Pakistan 530 m3/day BF Sewage
AliPhur Farash Project Islamabad, Pakistan 1,091 m3/day BF Sewage
Chak Shahzad Project Islamabad, Pakistan 500 m3/day BF Sewage
Deharki Sugar Mill Pvt. Ltd Sindh, Pakistan 2,400 m3/day SBR Sewage
JDW Sugar Mill Punjab, Pakistan 2,400 m3/day SBR Sewage
Sialkot International Airport Islamabad, Pakistan 96 m3/day EA Sewage
Attock Refinery Limited Rawalpindi, Pakistan 1,090 m3/day DAF + AS  Oil Refinery


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