Food Waste Recycling System

PEMSB has developed the HiWave™ Facility which consist of the THISAD™ and HiWaveTM Compo that adopts the anaerobic digestion and aerobic thermophilic fermentation process respectively to recycle all types of biomass from any large city. The HiWave™ Facility can convert biodegradable waste into high grade biofertilizer, within a very short period of time. The THISAD™ will generate the necessary heat energy which will help to reduce the production cost of the biofertilizer.

The types of biodegradable wastes suitable to be used in the HiWave™ Facility are food waste, dewatered biological sludge, greens from garden and markets, etc. The high grade biofertilizer are formulated with different NPK values to suit different types of crops and at the same time to improve the soil chemistry.

The HiWave™ Facility is a CDM project. It is financially self sustaining and profitable! HiWave™ Compo which adopts the Aerobic Therrmophilic Fermentation (ATF) Process to convert biodegradable waste to high grade fertilizer is also designed to cater for individual organization.

1. HiWaveTM Facility

2. HiWaveTM Compo



Success story 

In the year 2004, PEMSB signed an MOU with Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL) under the LA21KL program to clean and beautify the capital of Malaysia through converting its food waste and organic waste into fertilizers. PEMSB installed and operated the HiWave™ Compo pilot plant at one of the busiest wholesale market at Selayang in 2005 with the main intention to divert all organic wastes from going to the landfill and also to reduce the operation expenses. The generated dry granular fertilizers were sold to DBKL's nursery for landscaping purposes. 












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