PEMSB also designs rotary kiln dryers for different types of industries for waste minimization purposes. The rotary kiln dryers can be either equipped with Diesel, Gas fuel or even waste heat from existing machinery as the heat source.

The rotary kiln dryers also can be incorporated with additional air pollution control systems depending on the type of the waste.

Rotary kiln dryers are flexible and suitable for many applications:

  • All types of sludges
  • Biomass (wood chip, pellet, saw dust, etc)
  • Food processing

PEMSB not only does the conventional drying systems but also has the expertise to design and built state of the art drying system using microwave technology. PEMSB has conducted years or R&D using microwave in different applications such as drying, carbonization, incineration and pyrolysis with different types of wastes. If you are interested or feeling adventurous to explore further into possibilities of adopting a new microwave technology,  please feel to contact us to find out more.


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